The Chimera

On a cold winter season…

A December squall came in search of him and knocked his door. Yes, It was her. She came in like a swift stormy wind leaving no room for doubt or fear to crawl back in. All of a sudden a hidden thought came alive. It stole a glance at all the busyness of everyday life. It asked for words to set it free, words to wear so that it can escape from his lips. It asked for his voice so that it can embrace the moment and sway it with glee. But, we’ve been so trapped in all these social mazes. Pathways that restrict you to talk about exactly what’s going on inside you. Sly protocols that make you tweak the words. Yes, It happened to him as well. We all have forgotten how utterly freeing honesty can be. When you just walk up to someone who vibes with your heart to tell them that, “Hey, I may not know you, but I want to. Because somehow my soul feels a little more welcome around you, a little more alive.” But we won’t. We are so afraid to get hurt. We are so afraid of pain.

Finally holding back all these thoughts, the pendulum of words dropped from his lips in shivering syllables crochet a weave of love. A midnight’s lyric strung with a hope of rising dawn. She held her breath in wait, what seems shall last aeons…

He woke up and searched his diary as tears blurred his vision, he took his diary and wrote “I saw us together. Yes, In dreams…” and tried to say her name, curious to know how it will feel on his tongue after all that has been. The feeling of amazement never seems to go away…

After all, it was painfully a familiar name of a well-known stranger


An Unposted Letter

Hey sweetheart,

                         Have you ever thought what’s the biggest thing we fear about love? A fear that a strong relationship could come down all at once from a single incident, or the fear that the person you considered most important in your life might never wanna see your face again or the fear that you might have to feel the pain when the person you love the most disappears from your life or the fear when the only person who gave you the purpose to live suddenly disappears from your life. For all these fears and confusions and the silly mistakes, We only have one excuse “LOVE”

                            Sometimes life is unpredictable and we may think that we can control it. But, the control is just an illusion. For example, Love… A person can suddenly fall for someone and engage in this beautiful feeling, and it’s totally unpredictable. It’s a feeling, like a fragrance that fills the air. A fragrance that is unspoken sometimes, and we live with it. we didn’t plan to fall in love with them. we haven’t thought about the consequences. We haven’t thought how life will turn out. We all just loved unconditionally, hoping that it will turn out well in the end. But, Sometimes the future doesn’t unfold the way we think it will. Love, this wicked feeling becomes more of a pain, when they are unrequited. Not everyone who is lucky enough to be loved back by people whom they fall for.

                            Oh dear, You may wonder why I’m saying this to you. After all, temptation is so unholy, that begs for confession. It puts us in grief all the time, because our heart does not understand and keeps on expecting from our loved one. We get hurt whenever our expectation is not fulfilled and our heart falls apart. We keep on trying to evoke the same feelings in the next person’s heart and don’t wanna give up despite the closed door in front of us. In spite of all those deceitful hopes and disappointed dreams, our hearts still starves for it. The clouds of pain may loom in the sky, shadows of darkness may flicker by, even tears may finds it’s way out of the eye and fear can keep the loneliness alive. But, If you ask me “isn’t that hard to love someone who doesn’t love you in return?” I would say, it’s the most beautiful feeling in the world. There’s nothing like the power of unrequited love. Unlike other bonds, it isn’t shared. It is buried within ourselves.

Pain? Love??
yes! You are the best thing that happened in my life. But, It’s too late. After all, Memories are what we have at the end…

Forever and always,
Mr. X  :’)



Known Strangers

Known Strangers, a relationship life cycle. These are the two words holds the relationship bridge at the beginning and sometimes ending of any beautiful relationship. These two seemingly little words packs powerful meaning and affects every human alive in one way or another. The best relationship usually begins unexpectedly. We meet people as strangers and become friends for some unexpected reasons. Friendships are one of life’s greatest joys, with it we find someone we can share our heart with, someone who understands and accepts us just the way we are. It is a tremendous gift when we can have deep friendship with someone from the opposite sex.  It has the ability to change our lives, manifest dreams, break our hearts, make us sick, and if we are lucky and work at it, last forever. The beginning of a new budding relationship is always exciting ! We meet people as strangers and we strike up some casual conversation with them and get to know each other. All of a sudden, they say something that you really just connect with. From there, the conversation flows. We start to exchange details and the love fest continues…

This is how it all starts.

In the beginning there are butterflies, emotions run high, the heartstrings sing, and there are butterflies aflutter. We begin creating a series of firsts together that we will never stop smiling about. Then, the comforting phase comes knocking. As we settle into our relationship we begin to grow comfortable. Slowly we slip into a realm where we can let loose, and we begin to build a routine around one another where our lives merge into one. we begin to let our life back in, and can do more things apart. A new set of firsts begin that invoke strengthening growth between you and your friend. Every relationship goes through a period of discovery early on, and discovery is always an indicator of growth. The comfort has settled in and now all your cats are coming out of the bag. This can also be where the beginning butterflies fade and the daily routines becomes a dominate role in both your lives. We start to discover each other more and sometimes fight like couples. This can be a trip of turmoil as we learn to compromise, adjust, and accept, but in the process we strengthen our bond, grow true respect, and come out of this discovery phase with a whole new perspective.

Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans. Two lives, and one busy relationship to manage! we two have daily responsibilities, long days, people who count on us, and the never ending continuum of life adventures. This is the important stage as it can lead the relationship  into two different ends. If we are lucky enough to tackle the problems, we might end up having a happy one, with never ending love, or we should get convinced with the other unwanted end of the beautiful relationship – “Friendship Breakup ! “.

Many friendships simply slowly and gradually end as the two people involved drifts apart. One or the other of us has less time or need for the friendship, or maybe they are busier and have more interests to keep them occupied. There are many reasons why a friendship crumbles. There is pride, ego, betrayals of trust, competitive and jealous tendencies, negativity, unkindness and a lack of respect, and the list goes on. Even a huge fight and incommunicado could lead to a dramatic friendship breakup. The end of a friendship can be a really difficult time and losing someone who has been a big part of your life can be equally painful as the breakup of a romantic relationship.  It is a cacophony of emotions in your head. The frustration, because we can’t do much about it now. The anger, because things didn’t go the way we expected, planned or hoped. Disappointment, because you didn’t expect them to behave in such a way. Pain,  because you feel you lost something beautiful and life would never be the same again. Futility of anything and everything in life, because you’ve lost all that ever mattered. It’s even hard to sleep when their memories wraps and comforts us like a woolen shawl in cold lonely nights!

To get rid of these feelings. Slowly, our emotional immune system should begin to react and cope up accepting the reality that whatever had to happen has happened and you have to live with it and move on as a stranger.

“Move On ! Someday it might make sense “

College Life💝

College life💓, It all started with one hot Summer. That was the time where we released our school board examination pressure and ready to take up college pressure.

I still remember the first day of college. Buckling up new pair of shoes, new dresses and that excitement and nervousness to face new beginning of life.

College days are the most important days of life. Usually we may forget our syllabus we studied but not friendship and memories we gained when we study college.

The beginning of college will  be bored with new teacher who comes to class teaches us something, again a new teacher and it goes on the whole day.

Then we try to make some friends out there in college. Some friendship will be like passing cloud and some will blend into our life.

Wanna know how beautiful the college life is??
It’s all about ,

Nicknames 😜 to Last Bench Games🎊

Cultural Rehearsals 😎 to Love Proposals 😍

Short term Crushes 😘 to Classroom Blushes ☺️

Last minute preparation 😰 to passing an examination 😎

Project Reviews to Campus Interviews

Everything little thing we experience will be fresh in our mind even after the college life gets over.

We all will be in elation👬🎉
Till that painful moment of separation💔

We all will face the time to part💔
Which makes us to leave the college life  with a heavy heart💝

So friends, if you are going start a college life. I swear, it will be fun. Don’t miss it. And to fellows who are already in college, HOLD ON!! MAKE MEMORIES!!
Coz,Memories are always special..! Sometimes we laugh by remembering the days we cried, and we cry by remembering the days that we laughed.



Hey guys ,
There is something to say about love. Love is one of the most profound emotions known to human beings. In this lovely universe we were just born to find a match and lead a happy life . Ofcourse that’s the aim of most of us here.  Love can’t be arranged. You can’t chase a heart and make love, you can’t force anyone to love you. It’s  just the sync between 2 hearts. It should happen.

There are many kinds of love, but most people seek its expression in a romantic relationship with a compatible partner

Love is something that you feel when you see your partner’s eyes 😍

Love is the tears you shed when your partner leaves you

Love is something that makes you blush when you think about your partner’s when they aren’t near you:)

Love is calling her by her nickname just to irritate her 😋

Love is holding your patner’s hand and walking in a lone seashore💖

Love is Watching your partner’s  expression 😍 when you surprise them

Love is when you are mesmerized by your partner’s beauty the whole night 😘 when she is sleeping 😴

Love is,
Having a Cute little  fights 😕
And a sweet Compromise after every fight 😘

Love is ,
Caring to the core 💏
Pampering her like a child 😘😘

Love is LIFE 💑
Because every little thing you do for your patner has a love in it . 💑

So guys , Why waiting? Go get a LIFE!!! 😀